Work on Issue 2180 - Saved Search UI is broken


The group foursixnine, h3artbl33d, JackDca and Kabouik (Github usernames) have agreed to work together on Issue 2180 - Saved Search UI is broken.

h3artbl33d as Developer will write, modify, and debug code.
JackDca as Reviewer will give the code a second look.
Kabouik and foursixnine as Testers will test the code more thoroughly.

Most likely, more than one pass through this process may be required to get everything right!

The final product will be a pull request for BjarniRunar’s consideration.

There is no schedule. We will work as we are able, and it may take time for some of us to set up development instances of Mailpile before we can even begin. Borrowing from Debian We are all volunteers!

This Topic is a forum for the group to help each other get started, coordinate their work and for others to provide comments and suggestions.


Thank you @JackDca. I enabled topic watching, since I do not often browse this discourse.

Note that I’m a bit unavailable at the moment since I basically broke both my home computer system and my VPS, so I already have plenty on my plate testing/fixing things at the moment. However, I do hope my issue will be solved by the time @h3artbl33d and yourself have some code to test!


Hello @Kabouik! It will likely be a while before there’s new code to test on this issue. Speaking from experience, it takes some time and effort to become productive when working on a previously unexplored part of Mailpile. If and when you do have time, one way to get started (even before there is new code) would be to reproduce the symptoms described in the issue. You might even be able to add some helpful detail.

Good luck with your two systems.