What happens to mailpile email when deleted from IMAP


First, thank you for this awesome software. I hope development continues, I just wish I had the skills to offer that type of support.

Second, a brief question about workflow with what happens to email using mailpile. I am using mailpile as a tool where I can quickly search my archive of old emails after switching away from Gmail years ago. My current setup is as follows:

  1. Main IMAP server for primary email, paid service
  2. Self hosted poste docker (“secondary IMAP server”). All email from primary IMAP in addition to old archived emails are stored in this server.
  3. Mailpile is connected to this poste server and this is the interface I use to search my old email.

If my understanding is correct, my current setup is storing two copies of each email. One in the second imap server (poste), and the second copy in mailpile itself. Would the better setup for my use be to skip the poste server, connect mailpile to primary IMAP server, and just delete off primary IMAP server?

I think after downloading email from IMAP to mailpile, and deleting email on IMAP, mailpile copy persists right? Can’t find this setting within mailpile, but maybe I’m just missing it.