Use with existing domains?



After receiving emails about my GSuite (which comes with my Weebly hosted domains) being up for renewal and learning that Google had increased them $25 each I started looking for another solution.

Since I have a powerful machine which is always on (as it is used by the family to access my Plex media) I’m looking with interest at MailPile.

What I’m not clear on, however, is whether we can use this with our own domain names. I would need MX records to edit over on Weebly.

Would someone please confirm that this is possible? :slight_smile:



Mailpile is not a mail server; it is an e-mail client, much like Thunderbird or Outlook.

You still need a separate e-mail (SMTP, IMAP) server somewhere.


As @BjarniRunar stated, Mailpile is not a mailserver. You will actually need a mailserver in order to sent/receive emails. And it might be hard to grasp, but Mailpile isn’t a webmail application. It’s merely a mail client with the focus on security, privacy and encryption.

Mailpile supports any IMAP/SMTP mailbox (and then some). Bluntly said: it doesn’t care which domain you use. If you are able to get a mailbox on - you can even use that one :wink:

You can use the machine you are referring to as a mailserver. But hosting a mailserver is a completely different game than running a Plex server. Eg, for example:

  • A mailserver benefits more from stable and reliable hardware, than a hefty amount of resources (like Plex requires).
  • Loss of connectivity (whether due to a power outage or network issues) do directly impact your mail and mailbox.
  • It is recommended to run your mailserver on a static IP, where you are able to set a reverse DNS. Mailservers with dynamic IP’s can cause nightmares by the dozen.

Are you willing to run your own mailserver or perhaps look for a less expensive mailbox provider?


Thank you both, I understand now.