Tagged 1.0.0rc6, mini-roadmap for rc7 and rc8


Hello world!

I just tagged 1.0.0rc6 in our release branch; this will trigger an update to the “release” branch Debian packages sometime later today.

The main focus of this is to get accumulated bugfixes to those who are tracking the release branch (instead of master or the nightly packages): in particular fixes related to the SKS keyserver flooding attacks, and the more recent improvements I made to our EFail mitigation strategies. There are a whole bunch of other bugfixes in there though, so even if people aren’t concerned about PGP security issues, it’s still worth upgrading.

Mini road-map

I also wanted to mention that I’ve now got a mini roadmap in my head for the next two release candidates: for RC7 I will merge a proper Autocrypt implementation. RC8 will see push-button remote access integration. After that we’re just squashing bugs, polishing UI warts and making whatever random changes the community is interested in working on, before we end this ridiculously over-long release candidate process…

As before, due to burnout and other obligations this roadmap has no timelines.