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Hello world!

I just tagged 1.0.0rc6 in our release branch; this will trigger an update to the “release” branch Debian packages sometime later today.

The main focus of this is to get accumulated bugfixes to those who are tracking the release branch (instead of master or the nightly packages): in particular fixes related to the SKS keyserver flooding attacks, and the more recent improvements I made to our EFail mitigation strategies. There are a whole bunch of other bugfixes in there though, so even if people aren’t concerned about PGP security issues, it’s still worth upgrading.

Mini road-map

I also wanted to mention that I’ve now got a mini roadmap in my head for the next two release candidates: for RC7 I will merge a proper Autocrypt implementation. RC8 will see push-button remote access integration. After that we’re just squashing bugs, polishing UI warts and making whatever random changes the community is interested in working on, before we end this ridiculously over-long release candidate process…

As before, due to burnout and other obligations this roadmap has no timelines.


How can a non-developer with limited money help to move Mailpile forward?

IMHO is it by FAR the best open source webmail client in existence (because you can do Gmail-like searches like in:inbox has:attachment from:paul and because you can save searches as tags), so I’d love to see it get to 1.0 so (and then packaged as an app on Cloudron.


Unfortunately going off the Core Dev’s other more recent posts, there is no timeline anymore (we are still on rc6 1 year later). No one on the dev team has the time/resources anymore. It feels really bad as i really do like this application as well and believe it needs just some work on a few key components to make it the 1# self hosted mail solution in the world currently.

The Github for this project is committing some minor pull requests from community users(at the time of writing the latest was a month or so old).

But looking over this project is saddening. Several sections of the UI that just say **FIX ME ** all over, various workflows that break randomly, and emails dont seem to be pulled down completely like other mail clients do with IMAP/POP3.

I even reached out to the dev team to see if there is anything going on, and that was months ago, with still no response.

For all those who see this post, venture with caution setting up MailPile as a daily mail client, this application’s future is tenuous at best, especially if you decide to utilize the built in encryption.


Yes, it’s sad. Mailpile is so nearly exactly what is needed. It baffles my that there aren’t any open source webmail clients that seek to clone some of Gmail’s “basic” functionality like their search operators and labels. Mailpile comes by far the closest, but has stalled.

How can we revive the project and get to 1.0? @BjarniRunar what would it take/ what is need to get you working on this full time? or is that an impossibility? You’ve got us so close!


Same here. This application need more publicity, more money, more devs, more love again. That totally possible, 2021 is a big year of privacy, and if you need help @BjarniRunar we are ready, now !!


I was thinking i would like mailepile together with my nextcloud instance

So people interested in self hosting could have everything together in one place

Do you think this would be a good way to get more people interested in supporting project

I have looked around a bit in the nextcloud github

And it looks like they dont have any self hosted solutions

They recommend using mail in a box for self hosting mail server which looks much more complicated to me


I’m not really sure what you’re getting at here. Mailpile is not an email server, it’s just a client. You’d still need something like https://mailinabox.email/ to self-host your email.

Nextcloud already has an email client too.

If you want to really easily get a full email server and Nextcloud up and running then I recommend checking out Cloudron which makes self hosting insanely easy.

Of course, that wont get you Mailpile too, but given it is unmaintained I’m not sure you really want to use it. Cloudron does offer Roundcube and Rainloop as alternatives webmail clients (agreed, Mailpile showed lots of promise but it’s been stalled for years now :frowning: )


Sorry for the late response

I most have miss understood how mailpile works
from what i read in the FAQ and in a questionarie in the community

I got the understsandig that mailpile could be used this way

Thanks for your reply its much appreciated