Tag read/unread: Compatibility with other IMAP clients?


Dear mailpile team,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the creation of this excellent email client and thank you for making it available as open software. I work as a scientist/ professor and have to deal with many emails (100+/day) from different accounts. Thus, I have tried different desktop (e.g. Thunderbird, Evolution, Mailspring, Alpine) and webmail (e.g. Rainloop, Nextcloud, Cypht) programs, and mailpile has most of the features I need (multiple accounts, contacts, security, web-ability, spam filtering/ learning, efficient search) out-of-the-box.

I try to adapt to the concept of tags instead of folders (indeed, this seems to have more future!).

However, I have one problem that causes me trouble:
After opening an email and moving it to another category (“tagging”), it is still available on the IMAP server as “new, unread” email.

Is there any possibility to get the emails

  1. “read” on the IMAP server and
  2. remove them from the “INBOX” folder?

This would greatly improve the compatibility with other email clients. Especially when using a mobile app (such as K-9 on android) one does not want to find again hundreds of “new, unread” emails.

Best regards,


Hello! Thank you for your feedback and kind words. Sadly, what you have requested is currently not supported. Lots of code needs to be written for this and there are some subtleties that I haven’t yet figured out (so I don’t yet have a design I am happy with).

We know people want it, it’s on our (rather long) list. :slight_smile: