Pushed to master: much improved Autocrypt support


Hi everyone,

I just pushed to master (and thus the nightly packages, tonight), a lot of improvements to how Mailpile does OpenPGP encryption. In particular, all of the Autocrypt spec except for the Setup Message should now be supported - modulo bugs, of course.

There were also a bunch of fixes to the key discovery in general, and WKD (Web Key Directory) in particular.

Just to document this somewhere - our Autocrypt support is “compatible” with legacy GnuPG usage in that it will not override a key that is already marked as trusted on your local key chain. So if you’ve been using the web of trust and/or manually verifying keys, Autocrypt won’t step on your toes. But it will happily import (and update) keys for anyone else.

Please report any and all issues you find, this is a big change and a big step towards where I want to be for 1.0.


Hi Bjarni,

Congratulations on reaching this point!

You asked for bug reports:

I pulled the latest master two days ago. This morning I noticed four tracebacks in my Mailpile console. They are all identical:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/jack/Projects/MPJack/Code/Mailpile/mailpile/crypto/keyinfo.py”, line 273, in get_keyinfo
ak = pgpdump.BinaryData(data)
File “/home/jack/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pgpdump/data.py”, line 22, in init
raise PgpdumpException(“incorrect binary data”)
PgpdumpException: incorrect binary data

I have sent a couple of signed emails in that time interval, have neither sent nor received any encrypted emails, so my guess is that this is being generated during a rescan.

Full disclosure: my production copy has a couple of patches which are not in master. But, they have nothing to do with PGP or encryption.

Hope this information is useful.


Sadly, without some data to examine, I cannot really act upon this - I don’t know whether the data itself is actually incorrect, or whether this is a bug…