Potential user here: Wondering if Mailpile is ready to use


Hello, sorry if I’ve stumbled into a developers only forum. I’m not really a developer at all, though I’ve “helped” my son a little on a database project he was building for me.

My question is whether Mailpile would be suitable for a secure, private email system for a small charity. I’m on the board and was appointed to be in charge of communications. We currently use a hodge podge of email clients and sometimes send confidential info like a spreadsheet of people who purchased tickets to an event, or member lists, donors etc. & it doesn’t seem to be a very secure or private way of sharing such information to me.

PGP always sounded like a great idea to me but it seems rather complicated to install and use for most email clients and I think it would be an uphill battle to get everyone to get set up with most systems I’ve seen.

Proton mail sounds like a relatively simple solution, but Mailpile sounds even better if it is already to go.

As noted earlier, I’m not a developer, but I saw on the front page that: * Next Milestone: 1.0

That almost sounds to me like it’s perhaps in Beta mode?

Would you consider it safe enough and secure and private enough for the use I’ve described above?


Unless you are a developer, getting Mailpile up an running is still rather fraught.

I really should update our website to bring it more in line with reality, it’s making promises we can’t really keep at the moment.



OK, thank you for your reply.

This sounds like a wonderful project. PGP sounds like a great privacy aid, but it seems like not many people use it nor have the ability to at the moment. Hopefully Mailpile will be a nice catalyst for getting the non-tech savvy public to get on board.

It seems like once enough people start using it things will begin to snowball and it will become a standard part of everyone’s life.

Thank you for all you guys do.