Multi-architecture Docker images available!



I’ve been using Mailpile for a little while and have recently moved my home server from manual installation to Docker and then a Kubernetes cluster of mixed Raspberry Pi devices, and as part of that found to my disappointment that there aren’t any official Docker images for Mailpile, and the unofficial ones that exist are mostly x86 only and thus no use for a Raspberry Pi server.

As such I put together a fairly slapdash setup to get myself some ARM images, which this week finally I decided to tidy up and expand and make more generally useful! I now have a repository on Github with the build setup, and am building multi-arch images of both Mailpile and Multipile over there!

Bullet lists! Everyone loves bullet lists:

  • Available on armv6 (Raspberry Pi 1/Zero), armv7 (Raspberry Pi 2), arm64 (Raspberry Pi 3+), amd64 (your average PC) as multi-arch images (no need to select different labels or images for different hardware!)
  • Available in standard single-user flavour and using the official multi-user implementation!
  • Semi-automatically updated to nightly with the latest in-development commits, as well as tagged releases only if you want something more stable!

Here’s my build setup (including documentation):

Images are available from Docker Hub as florianpiesche/mailpile and florianpiesche/mailpile-multiuser, and GitHub’s container registry as fpiesche/mailpile and fpiesche/mailpile-multiuser respectively.


Thank you. I’ll try it myself.