Mails not getting deleted on server?


I have been using Mailpile for a while and I am very happy. I wanted to try deleting emails on the server and have un-checked the option “leave mail on server”. However, none of the mails are deleted. Will they be deleted after a few days or what?

My Mailpile version is 1.0.0rc5 …


OK, figured it out. There is a setting “Allow deletion of e-mail from servers and mailboxes” in the " Security and Privacy Settings" which needs to be enabled.


Glad you figured it out!

The app prompts people to enable this once they’ve used it for a couple of weeks; the idea being we don’t do anything irreversible until people have some experience with the app.



Recently installed this nice app on Debian 11 server as well, but I cannot figure out to make settings for deleting mails after receiving.

As it looks on attached screenshots my settings follow the instruction but no success.

Thunderbird on Windows 10 and an old php webmail client (Afterlogic Webmail Pro 4.7) by same conf can delete messages from mailserver.

Any help is appreciated,