MAILPILE_GNUPG/GA is not a environnement variable name syntaxically correct!?!


I’ve installed Mailpile on Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS following the instructions on hte website at

When I type mailpile on terminal, I get the following message

Required binary missing or unusable: GnuPG/ga not found

If you know where it is, or would like to skip this test and run Mailpile
anyway, you can set one of the following environment variables:


Note that skipping a binary check may cause the app to become unstable or
fail in unexpected ways. If it breaks you get to keep both pieces!

I know where GPG exe is (/user/bin) so I have no reason to set MAILPILE_IGNORE_BINARIES. But one thing is sure : I can’t set MAILPILE_GNUPG/GA as it is not a syntaxicaly correct name, because of the ‘/’

What is the correct environnement variable to set ?


This has been fixed in the master branch / nightly build of Mailpile, the variable has been renamed to MAILPILE_GnuPG_agent.

But you could also just change your PATH environment variable to include /user/bin/.

Hope this helps!


The problem I had was that the gpg2 binary was there, but the version was too old. The error message didn’t say anything about my GnuPG being too old though…