Mailepile on nextcloud


hi i am a new guy

only learned about mailpile two days ago and really want to be able to use it
such a cool project

i am setting up a nextcloud instance soon and i would love to be able to use
mailpile with my nextcloud

what do people think about that idea

would it be possible to get this added to future plans for mailpile


i have searched nextcloud mail github topic
and they recommend you to use mail in a box if you want
to host your own mail server

Bjarni would it be ok with you if i ask around in the nextcloud project on github
if anybody is interested in using mailpile as mail server solution for selfhosting on nextcloud

i think this could be a cool way to maybe get some more people interested in the project aswell

btw i am not a developer
so if this is not a good idea please comment



Hmm there is not many responses does nobody have an opinion about this suggestion