Ldap configuration


How to integrate local ldap servers for mailpile ?


Mailpile has no ability to integrate LDAP, in its current form.

Out of curiosity, what exactly do you want the integration to do?


Hi BjarniRunar,

I want to make user authentication processes from the local LDAP server.


I’m not sure that makes sense. But maybe it does!

Can LDAP servers store encryption keys and provide them to the app on successful login? Because currently logging into the app unlocks the encryption keys that encrypt Mailpile’s local data, it’s not just a matter of asking permission - without the correct passphrase the data is literally inaccessible.

This will degrade the user’s security, in that the LDAP admin will be able to access the secrets and decrypt local data. But for some organizations that may be considered a feature, it all depends.

That said, there is currently no active development happening on Mailpile 0.x / Mailpile 1, I am working on a rewrite in Python 3, which will be Mailpile 2.x. So we’re in a bit of a limbo state when it comes to things like this.