Internal error! Sleeping... (mailbox.ExternalClashError)


Hello friends.

I recently stumbled upon mailpile and for much of this week have been testing out the functionality/usability but unfortunately I keep bumping in to an issue while importing my mail:

mailbox.ExternalClashError(('Could not find a filename '\nExternalClashError: Could not find a filename for the message.\n"_

Detailed error log

Despite numerous attempts to narrow down the actual cause, to date I have been unsuccessful. I have tried multiple 3rd party docker builds as well as my own local docker build, each time testing against two different mail accounts (personal gmail imap, work google workspace gmail imap, local import of mbsync-created maildir of both accs, once using subfolders and once flattened ) yet each time I repeatedly bumped into this same issue. Additionally I wasn’t able to find any existing mailpile github issues / community topics here / anything at all on google discussing this particular issue.

While I am not a developer, I am very eager to try get to the bottom of this issue as from the initial testing it appears as if mailpile would make a brilliant primary mail store, thus if anybody here has perhaps experienced this issue and is able to kindly point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance