Import of existing GPG identities


I would be very much interested in learning how to import existing GPG identities into Mailpile Docker, i.e. from the official compose file. Currently I’m only offered the option to generate new identities, yet seek consistence between email clients.

Is that a planned option to be added to the user interface?


I don’t know which compose file are you talking about. As far as I know there is no “official” compose file.

If you are talking about this mailpile-docker:
then user accounts are on the directory accounts/ (on the host).
You can use the command

ds gpg <user> [<gpg-commands-and-options>...]

to import/export keys, etc.

The definition of this command is here:

It seems that the GNUPGHOME of a user is located at: "/home/<user>/.local/share/Mailpile/default"

So, you can also manage the GPG keys from the host, finding them at: "accounts/<user>/.local/share/Mailpile/default"

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I just used

So I should try using a similar approach to get my details into the containers. Thanks for the example!