Documentation for new users


Hey Mailpile Community!

I had an eye on mailpile since it was publically anounced, but somehow never made the jump from thunderbird to it. After the recent death of my laptop I’m currently setting up my new working environment and finally gave mailpile a try. The search already solved some pain points with my previous setup and I really enjoy using mailpile.

One problem I encountered is that I couldn’t find a central place of documentation that helps me utilize the features mailpile offers. While the wiki has many sites and seems to cover everything I want to know, in practice it is something too vague for me to actually understand how to do things. For example I couldn’t find any explanation of tag attributes and tag categories in it, but I did find some information here on the forum.

Instead of just complaining I just went ahead and edited the wiki. I expected that the github wiki would also go through some pull request system, but apparently edits are just saved without any further feedback system. I hope I didn’t add any incorrect information or stepped on anyones toes, if so please let me know! Also if I just missed some other source of documentation I’d also be happy to be pointed in the right direction. Otherwise I’ll probably edit the wiki further with information that are useful for me, I’m pretty sure I will need to lookup the difference between tag attributes and tag categories in the future.



Good for you for contributing! Whenever I find myself digging into Mailpile in order to find a solution for some issue, I try to document what I have learned by adding to the wiki, which does the same for the internals as your efforts do for the user interface. I hope others will do the same.