Burned Out and Happy?


In a recent blog post, @BjarniRunar exposed an all too common situation with free software development that hit too many willing and able people.

It took me a while to realize what was going on, to realize I was burned out.

I wanted to voice my sympathy and support for a situation that many went through. It’s not so common that developers will face it, and @BjarniRunar, you were right to step back. I encourage others to look around, beyond the screen, across the cables and waves that are supposed to bring us closer together and watch out for such situations. Because free technology production is not only about technique, and is often ungrateful, we need to take better care of each other beyond technical help.

Thank you @BjarniRunar for your continued effort, take it easy, and thanks to the mailpile community for sticking around: you’re all awesome for fighting this fight and sticking together.


I’ve posted a reaction to @BjarniRunar’s post as an issue on GitHub #2223. Can we create the project team that Bjarni suggests? Any comments or reactions would be appreciated.