Asks for password re-entry often!


This is an issue I have been facing frequently. I am being asked to re-enter IMAP account passwords although I choose save and remember. Wonder why this happens? Is this a bug?


Sounds like an issue that I have encountered. It happens on just one of the two IMAP servers that I use. When Mailpile tries to login to the IMAP server, the server sometimes responds “[UNAVAILABLE] Server error”. Mailpile treats this the same as if a bad password had been entered. It won’t attempt another login until the correct password has been entered (confusing since the password was correct in the first place).

The IMAP server in question is using simple password authentication. Not sure if this issue could also arise with OAuth authentication. What type of authentication is your IMAP server using?

I have a patch that distinguishes between this type of error and actual bad passwords. I’ve been using it for some time but it needs to be cleaned up (to remove debug output) before I submit a pull request. Will try to do that in the not too distant future!


I see. Thanks for the explanation. Curious, if this could happen due to connecting to servers via tor. Perhaps they don’t play nice.

I use a simple password authentication not OAuth. Will wait for the patch to roll out. Thanks for your help.