Add AES encryption as default for unencrypted mails


I want to add aes encryption for mails which are unencrypted mails
could anyone assist on that part


There is no standard way to send AES encrypted e-mails, which in particular means that even if Mailpile were to encrypt e-mails using AES, nobody could read them unless they were also running the a compatible version of Mailpile.

I have considered (and experimented with) using AES encrypted .ZIP files, which can be sent as attachments. At least then the tools for decrypting exist on multiple operating systems. But I am not sure how usable this would be in practice.

Do you have thoughts on how you would like to solve these issues?


I would like to send encrypted mails as default. If a user isn’t registered with us, he would be seeing an encrypted message. To read that message he need to be registered with mailpile and then we can show him the decrypted message over mailpile application


Mailpile is software, not a service! And more importantly, it is open source software - nobody has to register with us or ask permission to use it. They just download it, install it, and use it. Perhaps we will provide a hosted Mailpile service someday, but so far the project has chosen not to.

But I think your answer is that only people using Mailpile would be able to decrypt messages composed using Mailpile. I must admit I do not find that very appealing!

However, there are services that do what you have described - I think Tutanota is one. Protonmail also works in a similar fashion, although I think they support the OpenPGP encryption standard when sending to users of other e-mail providers. So perhaps you can just use one of them?