Running Mailpile from a docker container


Because I am using virtual sub-domains. It is not a problem but it is just not neat.

Is it possible to make /mailpile/ configurable? With the possibility to make it just /? This would solve the differences between your setup and my preferences.


I don’t consider “just not neat” sufficient justification to complicate the setup in this way. I totally get it, I’m also a neat freak about things, but every single option and bit of configurability makes things harder to document and explain, so I try and keep things uniform when I can.


Apologies for my lacking reply. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts and remarks.


As already noted by others, implementing nginx in this Docker setup isn’t a good thing - even though nginx might be preferable for a number of reasons. If there is more demand for having nginx support in Mailpile, I can create this and submit it through a pull request.

URL rewriting

Sure, you can rewrite the URL scheme to ditch the /mailpile suffix and it will most likely work. But straying from the official standard might break things in future releases or perhaps even in the current release if you haven’t fully tested it.

I have been there before - from the developers perspective - and it is not pretty. It’s utterly impossible to test scenario’s where users have customized aspects that fall outside of the scope of the project.

And some users do blame developers for breakage that they themselves caused. This is an important realization for your Docker script as well; if you stray from the design/architecture and things get broken due to that, chances are that your users hold you responsible.


I suspect that you eat your own dogfood. Purely out of interest, is there a performance impact in comparison with running Mailpile native - and if so, have you got any statistics that give an idea about the difference in numbers?