Mailpile tutorial for newcomers


Hi everybody!

I’ve tried to resume my so far limited experience with Mailpile into a tutorial.

While addressed to newcomers, it also mentions security aspects to be aware of and it includes a section about the CLI and an appendix with a few examples using GnuPG on the command line.


Good information thanks for sharing


You are welcome!

(If you are in contact with activists or journalists of non-mainstream news portals, please invite them to consider adding privacy to their talks with colleagues. The appendix on GnuPG can serve also via messenger apps, e.g. Signal, Threema, Element.)


Thanks for your work on this. I use Mailpile for virtually all my email and I like it a lot. Other than the encryption capability, the search engine is definitely the feature that really stands out!

Under Non-issues to be aware of you mentioned the need to be able to modify the format of a previously typed in e-mail address and also the word wrap behaviour. These are pet peeves for me too but I have not had time to dive into the code to propose a fix. The word wrap issue is actually broader: if you save a draft and reload it, lines that start with a hyphen “-” get treated strangely and there are other effects.

Regarding send(ing) an email to yourself from Mailpile, the behaviour depends on the ISP that you are using. Mailpile uses the Message-ID in the email metadata. Emails that have the same Message-ID are treated as duplicates and are not shown. Some ISPs replace the Mailpile-generated Message-ID of an outgoing email with their own, with the result that the received email will be shown in the Inbox. Other ISPs retain the Message-ID assigned by Mailpile so that the received email is ignored as a duplicate.

You also made some comments about deleting emails from an IMAP server and so on. My understanding is that the developers treat the IMAP server strictly as a mail source so that management of the IMAP server is not part of Mailpile’s mission - other than optionally deleting received messages.


Thanks for this great resources.
I’m a newcomers, and i first think the project was dead. Reading @JackDca and your tutorial i see that lot of people use mailpile daily basis. That’s a good news !! Perhaps we need more news like that on the front page of mailpile !

I’m using a Yubikey to store my secret key, so i’m also really happy to see that works with mailpile.

As a regular emacs user, do you know if someone use Mailpile with org-mode or emacs mu4e ?


Very sorry for the delay, I admit that I wasn’t expecting any more answers here, I will check frequently.

@JackDca Thank you very much for your work on Mailpile and thank you for explaining here.
(Maybe I should add a link to this page as a possible source of further knowledge.)

@reyman You are most welcome.

Blockquote As a regular emacs user, do you know if someone use Mailpile with org-mode or emacs mu4e ?

Sorry I have no data on this.


I’ve added at the top of the tutorial the link to this page, and – I hope you don’t mind – I took the freedom to quote your words @JackDca:


Feel free to use my words!


Feel free to use my words!

Great, thank you.