Mailpile just hangs?


ah, that i should have been able to figure out :expressionless:
ok, tried it, and the tor browser came up and I am at the point where I was before that torbrowser gives me an “unable to connect” error when trying to connect to localhost:33411

I just re-checked my notes, and then checked the default browser and when I do
user@host:~$ xdg-settings get default-web-browser
so I am not sure about the issue because I am able to start up firefox-esr… sigh.

Anyway, for now what is working is just to manually start up ff, then go to localhost:33411
then I am on my way. Ah the things we do for love (of mailpile in this case).

Thanks again for your patience and if there is anything I can test or more output I can give to help the bug please let me know.



You can, on the Mailpile CLI do this to prevent Mailpile from spawning a browser at all:

mailpile> set prefs.open_in_browser = false

That at least reduces the annoyance. There may also be Tor Browser settings to allow it to connect to localhost (I’m sure it’s prevented as part of a general security paranoia policy), but you’ll have to check their docs for that.


First time here! So getting a lay of the land. I’m still trying to figure out how to create the avatar pick. Anyhow- glad to find a community with privacy and human rights in mind. Thank you!

I’m being blocked quite a bit by Apple- they’ve blocked all my apps so am just trying to communicate with someone