Coming back to Mailpile work


Hi friends!

I just wanted to give an update regarding my work on this project - I will be returning to Mailpile this summer. I have given notice at my current job and once I have finished my notice period and sorted out some other pressing issues, I will be returning to Mailpile development in a 60-80% job capacity.

I look forward to it!


This is fantastic news, thanks for letting us know!

Mailpile is so very nearly by far the best open source email client there is, it “just” needs a stable release and maintenance… Looking forward to it!


I have only now discovered this little gem of mail client called mailpile.
Thank you Bjarni for all your work, keep it up!!


We plan to change our mail clients in some non-profit organizations here, to Mailpile, once it release 1.0 version. Looking forward to the release of Mailpile 1.0.